Quality Policy

We offer highest quality products that satisfy all our customers through our meticulous manufacturing techniques and hard working staff.

We will continue to grow as a company and improve our quality management system whilst pursuing the best quality.

More than 20 years have passed since we started as professional company that designed and manufactured footwear products aimed at babies and kids.

Our hard working staff will continue to satisfy our business partners through the designing and manufacturing stage of development until the final product is sold.

Designing Concept


We the designing department consider product quality and its usefulness for babies and kids. Stylish designs are an important point for us. We want to bring smiles to customers through our designs and product quality.

We make every effort for our new-designed products to be safe and easy to wear, something that differentiates us from our competitors. Thus our products are loved by our ever growing customers.

We have trial monitors every season so that every time we design a new product we can analyze the item. This includes collecting data of the popularity of product whilst continuing to monitor product quality and its easiness to wear. This leads us to continue to produce safe and high quality items.


Manufacturing Concept

All of our manufactured products are items that have been created by the Designing Department. Once our samples have been approved by our customers we continue to make the product at the same high quality.

We have gained ISO9001 certification, the quality management project by International Organization for Standardization, so that we can offer the product that can be worn safely by babies and kids.

The manufacturing process is overseen by established manufacturing factory in China. Roles include inspection, non-slippery finish, magnifying check, product fabrication, and regular checks to maintain product quality.